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We are an association created in 2003 by Autocontrol and Adigital with the aim of increasing internet user trust when both browsing and purchasing.

Our main tool is the Trust Mark. Businesses who have the Trust Mark have been assessed by us, on the basis of a thorough analysis covering over 30 objectives, and use it on their website to show their ethical commitment to good internet and e-commerce practices.

Equally, websites with the Trust Mark are subject to our claims system, which allows for mediation and arbitration between consumers and businesses with no costs for the former and no waste of resources.

José Domingo Gómez Castallo Presidente

Tiziana Tallaro Directora General

Javier Díaz Subdirector General

Marta Huertas Responsable Departamento Reclamaciones

Beatriz Arranz Departamento Reclamaciones

Graciela Domínguez Responsable Departamento Evaluaciones

Trinidad Hergueta Departamento Evaluaciones y Secretaría Técnica

Minerva Ruiz Departamento Evaluaciones y Secretaría Técnica

Cristina Casamayor Responsable Departamento Cuentas y Atención al Socio

Isabel Martín Responsable Comunicación y Soporte de Atención al Socio


The Ethical Code was presented to the public in November of 2002 and went into effect in January of 2003. It was later modified in 2005, 2009, 2011, 2013 and 2015, keeping it up to standards. More than 10 associations, representing the areas of new digital media, e-commerce and advertising in Spain, participated in its initial drafting, making it the most significant in the sector. The Code is formed of an ensemble of regulations divided into 4 larger areas:

  1. Protection of Personal Data
  2. E-commerce with Consumers
  3. Digital Advertising
  4. Protection of Minors and Adolescents

These regulations are intended to serve as a guide for any entity that provides its services or offers its products via the internet and digital media. You can access the full text through the following link: Ethical Code.


To process potential user claims, we look to two authorities, which depend on the nature of these claims:

  • AUTOCONTROL’S Advertising Jury, for those relating to commercial communications, privacy, data protection and protection of minors.
  • The National Consumer Arbitration Council (or in some cases regional), for those relating to e-commerce with consumers. In this case, a prior mediation is carried out by adigital.

These bodies are part of the EJE Network of the European Commission and thus act according to the principles of independence, transparency, right to challenge, efficiency, legality, freedom of choice and right to representation on the part of the consumer, established in Recommendation 98/257/CE by the European Commission. For further information, you can check our activity reports of the last years:


Confianza Online is the most widely used Mark of Online Trust in Spain and the first of its nature in Europe: More than 2700 Spanish and foreign websites brandish our distinctive seal. Moreover, we have processed over 33,000 claims since 2003. Confianza Online boasts all of the official recognitions that existence for Self-Regulation Codes on the Internet:

  • In 2002, the Ethical Code was submitted for review by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Information Society, the Spanish Data Protection Agency, and the Spanish Consumer, Food Security and Nutrition Agency.
  • The extrajudicial conflict resolution systems used by Confianza Online to tackle claims are the only two recognized in Spain by the European Commission, since it is part of the EJE Network commerce arbitration system and Autocontrol’s Advertising Jury.
  • The Spanish Data Protection Agency ascribed the Code the title “Código Tipo” (relevant subject matter statute) in 2002 (n° CT/0004/2002) and was updated in 2005 and 2009.
  • In 2005, Confianza Online received the “Online Trust Public Emblem” special recognition from the Spanish Consumer, Food Security and Nutrition Agency for its compliance with all of the requirements set out in Royal Decree 1163/2005 of 30th September.
  • The award was published in the BOE (Congressional Record). The resolution of the concession was published in the BOE on 25th October, 2005 (view here).
  • Subsequently, the Directorate General for Consumer Affairs of the Community of Madrid, as the competent authority in matters of observance of the Online Trust Public Emblem, recognized the Ethical Code once more in November 2011 (view here).
  • The code has undergone, favorably, processes before entities representing consumers: the Consumers and Users State Council in 2005 and the Consumer Affairs Council of the Community of Madrid in 2011.
  • Confianza Online has the following collaboration agreements: one with the Spanish Consumer, Food Security and Nutrition Agency signed 9th Marzo, 2003, other with the Community of Madrid, signed in November 2012. Also, it has another one signed in 2015 with the Madrid city council relating to the extrajuditial conflict resolutions system, and finally, in 2016, Confianza Online signed the most recent one with the Community of Castilla La Mancha.


The following websites are not authorized to use the Trust Mark. Kindly be informed that, for each of these, legal proceedings have begun in order to ensure the reference is taken down as soon as possible.

If you see that another entity is making illegal use of the Confianza Online Trust Mark, or if you are not sure, please inquire at or call us at +34 91 30 91 347.


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