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Confianza Online has made a commitment to society and as such works to make its website as accessible as possible to all persons regardless of ability, age, or whether they are accessing from unconventional technologies.

Confianza Online’s website was developed based on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 established by the W3C (the World Wide Web Consortium) so that all types of users may be able to browse comfortably.

Some of the features employed in Confianza Online’s website to make is more accessible and comfortable for all kinds of people:

The visual characteristics of the site (font, colors, background, etc.) are established in the style sheet, separating style and content and allowing the user to adjust the text according to his/her preferences.

For higher quality when displaying content, the site has been optimized to adapt its design to the different internet navigation devices available on the market (PC, tablets, mobile phones, etc.).

The size of the font may be increased or decreased from the keyboard or browser’s options, thus adapting to user needs.

If a user accesses the site from a browser that does not support the style sheet, it is not a problem. All of the content may be accessed by disabling the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

Each page has a clear structure. It is clear for the user viewing the content in full, the user reading information with a screen reader, the user who has disabled the style sheets, etc. The section headlines, lists, and all of the elements that help to understand the layout of the site were created in HTML code.

Both the HTML code and the CSS adjust to formal grammar, guaranteeing the accurate viewing of content from different browsers.

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