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Ecommerce Europe Trustmark Code of Conduct

We stand for our name: we give you information on our identity, address and how to contact us in a convenient way (e.g. e-mail, social media, telephone) before you place any order in a clear and comprehensible manner. In case we operate on behalf of another merchant we also inform you on his identity.

  1. The essential characteristics of the products and services are adequately described. The products will be delivered based on the description and the product photo. We remind you about the existence of a legal guarantee of conformity for goods.
  2. We will be clear and transparent on our offer and the price you have to pay for our services or our products before you enter the order process. We will not charge you for additional services or products unless you explicitly agreed with these additional services or products. Before concluding the contract you will see the final prices, VAT, delivery costs and eventually surcharges.
  3. We take care for a transparent, accessible and easy order process that provides you with a possibility to check your order and eventually correct it before you conclude the contract definitely. We always will confirm your order and give you information on your order and progress.
  4. We use fair, easy accessible and transparent contract terms in plain language that respect your rights. We will provide for an easy way to communicate, to print or to download these contract terms.
  5. We offer you transparent, convenient, widely accepted and safe payment methods (e.g. PayPal, payment via invoice).
  6. We use transparent, convenient, widely accepted and safe delivery systems based upon the information provided at transparent prices. We will deliver at the place and time as specified in the offer.
  7. Before you conclude the contract we will provide clear and transparent information on your legal rights and obligations, your withdrawal right or the absence of it, the costs of effecting your withdrawal right (as and if required by EU legislation) and in case you have a withdrawal right the standard European withdrawal form. We will provide for easy and transparent return and refund procedures.
  8. You always can contact us on an easy and convenient way. We commit ourselves to offer a transparent and easily accessible customer service and complaints handling system. We inform you about the possibility of out-of-court dispute resolution and display the link towards the European Online Dispute Resolution platform on our website.
  9. We respect your privacy, protect your data and care for a safe web-environment. We are transparent and inform you on the collecting and processing of your data and the purposes for which we use them, including information regarding cookies policy. Data are collected to perform the contract and to improve our offer to you and your buying experience. Your data are collected in compliance with data protection and privacy legislation and, as far as legally required, only with your explicit consent.
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