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Adigital -Spanish Digital Economy Association- together with Ecommerce Europe, the european association that represents 25,000 online shops, have launched the Ecommerce Europe Trustmark. Nowadays, more than 10,000 european e-commerces have been certified by this trustmark.

The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark is exclusively available for Confianza Online members, and they will be able to use it for free in their websites alongside the Confianza Online trustmark- until 2022.

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The main goal of this trustmark is to foster more consumer trust in cross-border online purchases, and to provide a quality certificate for european ecommerces, recognizable accross the european countries.
Ecommerce Europe Trustmark certifies that spanish ecommerce adhered to Confianza Online comply with:

  1. A common set of rules in all countries.
  2. Code of Conduct.
  3. Better protection for consumers and merchants.
  4. European complaints handling in case of disputes.


The Ecommerce Europe Trustmark has an easily accesible and recognisable logo. Clicking it once with the mouse, you will watch the Official Certificate and a clear explanation about consumer rights.

  1. It will make the Online Store more attractive, showing consumers a quality certificate for all european ecommerces.
  2. Be part of 10.000 European Online Stores certified by the E-Commerce Europe Trustmark.
  3. Apply only a set of rules as the basis for the Trustmark, no matter what is the consumer’s address.
  4. Transmit accesible, uniform and clear information to users about their rights by shopping online.
  5. Offer a European Framework for consumers complaint schemes.


In order to use the European Seal, fill out the following form. We remind you that it can only be applied by Confianza Online members.

If your Company is not yet adhered, click here to request information.

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